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Galleries: Exhibitions


From this page you can add, view, edit and delete your Gallery's Exhibitions.

Add a new exhibition

On the Exhibitions Admin page, click Add a new exhibition:

Edit/Delete an Exhibition

On the Exhibitions Admin page, click the Exhibition link in the Exhibition column:

Add an Installation View

On the Exhibitions Admin page, click the Installation Views link in the Installation Views column:

Edit/Delete an Installation View image

On the Installation Views Admin page, click on the desired image:

Add Works

On the Exhibitions Admin page, click the Works link in the Works column

  1. Click Add new work
  2. Click on the desired Artist link
  3. Click on the desired Work

Reorder works

  1. On the Works Admin page, click Reorder works
  2. Change the numbers to represent the new image order, starting with 1
  3. Once you are finished making changes, click Save. You will be returned to the Works Admin page. If you do not wish to save your changes, click Cancel

Remove Works

On the Works Admin page click remove under the work image you want to remove

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