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GeneralInformation: Images


ArtCat will automatically generate thumbnails. You should upload images in web-ready format, as we do not adjust the quality of your uploaded images. If the image is too wide and would break the display of a page, we resize it to a width of 500 pixels.

We recommend using Photoshop's "Save for Web" function and saving images as JPEG medium or high. Some images may fade too much with this technique. In that case, use Photoshop's "Save As" function and choose High or Medium as the quality when the JPEG options dialog appears.

Make sure images are RGB, not CMYK, as some browsers will refuse to display CMYK images.

Images for the web should generally be under 100K, and many on our hosted sites are under 50K.

You will be warned if you upload and image and it is larger than a typical image on our system.

Video/Sound Files

Acceptable formats are: Quicktime *.mov, *.mp3 or *.mpeg.

We recommend a size of 360x240 pixels or slightly larger. The best way to compress a high quality file for the web is to use Quicktime Pro. Use File -> Export with these settings:

You should then upload the exported file.

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