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Links Page

You have the option of having the Links page be Visible or Hidden (the default is Visible). To make the Links page Hidden from your web site click the Make it Hidden link directly under the heading. To make it Visible again, click the Make it Visible link.

Add a New Category

Under the Link Categories and Individual Links heading, click the Add a New Category link:

Note: empty Categories are not displayed, you must add at least one link for the Category to be displayed.

Edit/Delete a Category

On the Links Admin page, click Edit Category:

Add a New Link

There are two ways to enter a new link:

  1. From the Links Admin Page
  2. By clicking the View items link in an existing Category

On the Link Edit page, choose a Category from the drop-down and enter the Name and URL (Be sure to enter the complete URL, including http:// or https://). Once you are finished entering information, click Save. You will be returned to the View Links Assigned to Category page. If you do not wish to save your information/changes, click Cancel.

Once back on the View Links Assigned to Category page, you can test any URL by clicking on it.

Edit/Delete a Link

On the View Links Assigned to Category page, click Edit this link:

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