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GeneralInformation: NewsPage

News Page

You have the option of having the News page be Visible or Hidden (the default is Visible). To make the News page Hidden from your web site click the Make it Hidden link directly under the heading. To make it Visible again, click the Make it Visible link.

Show News Items on Home Page

You also have the option of showing up to two News Items on your home page (0 is the default, no items are shown). On the News Admin page, choose the desired number of items to be viewable from the drop-down and click the Change button.

The News Items will be displayed on the right-hand side of your home page. If you have created a Home Page Announcement, the News Items will be displayed directly below the announcement.

Whether viewed on the Home Page or directly on the News page, the Title, Display Date and Summary of the News Items are listed with a more > > link below. Clicking the link displays the Title, Display Date and Body of the news item.

Add a new News Item

On the News Admin page, click Add a new News Item. Although the only required fields are Sort Date and Body, entering a Title and Display Date helps distinguish the items from one another. Note: If you do you not enter a Summary, an excerpt from the Body text will be used for the Summary.

Once you are finished entering information, click Save. You will be returned to the News Admin page. If you do not wish to save your information/changes, click Cancel.

Note: items with more recent Sort Dates appear at the top of the News item list (this is how they appear on the News Admin page).

Edit/Delete News Items

On the News Admin page, click the Edit Item link:

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