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PmWiki uses a number of directives to specify page titles, descriptions, page keywords, and control the display of various components.

Honors any newlines in the markup; i.e., text entered on separate lines in the markup will appear as separate lines in the output. Use (:nolinebreaks:) to cause text lines to automatically join again.

(:title text:)
Sets a page's title to be something other than the page's name. The title text can contain apostrophes and other special characters. If there are multiple titles in a page, the last one encountered wins.

(:keywords word1, word2, ...:)
Identifies keywords associated with the page. These are not displayed anywhere, but are useful to help search engines locate the page. (Essentially, this generates a <meta name='keywords' content='...' /> element in the output.)

(:description text:)
Descriptive text associated with the page. (Generates a <meta name='description' content='...' /> element in the page output.)

(:redirect PageName:)
Redirects the browser to another page, along with a redirect message. For security reasons this only redirects to other pages within the wiki and does not redirect to external urls.

(:noheader:), (:nofooter:)
(:noleft:), (:noright:)
If supported by the skin, each of these turns off the corresponding portion of the page.

Turns off any groupheader or groupfooter for the page. (See GroupHeaders.)

(:linkwikiwords:), (:nolinkwikiwords:)
(:spacewikiwords:), (:nospacewikiwords:)
Enables/disables WikiWord links and automatic spacing of WikiWords in text.

Display the list of attachments for the current page.

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